The Audition Process (get your cockney accents on)

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th September Leeds University Union’s Theatre Group hosted their auditions for their Production of Saved. After 6 hours worth of auditions and over 50 auditionees directors Marcus Marsh and Emma Tachard-Mackey cut it down to 21 people for the call backs on Saturday 27th September. After numerous games, and running of scenes we found our cast of 10, seven boys and three girls.

The general format of the preliminary auditions was an introduction of names, followed by quick games and then the running of two scenes. It was difficult to decide which scenes to use in the auditions but we ended up giving the auditionees extracts from scene 4, with the characters Pam, Len, Harry and Mary and then Scene 9 with a focus more on Len and Pam. This allowed people to show off there range in playing different ages, with Harry and Mary (the parents of Pam) being a lot older.

After those preliminary auditions we had an idea of which actors were suitable for certain characters and started auditions with a warm up, followed by splitting the actors into groups. We spent 5 hours watching scenes, switching people in and out until we decided on our final cast! It was incredible to see the talent on offer in Leeds and justified our decision to put on this difficult piece of theatre in Leeds.

Len- Elliott Brough
Pam- Jen Pritchard
Fred- Alex Maxwell
Mary- Lily Meluish
Harry- Will Maylunn
Pete- Hugo Salter
Mike- Alex Light
Barry-Dan Darren
Colin- Charlie Norburn
Liz- Tara Blackburn


A Little Introduction

‘Saved’ is one of Edward Bond’s most controversial plays. The play is a striking social commentary, exploring ‘the ¬†dehumanizing industrial environment and the moral emptiness of the working-class world of South London’ in the 1960s. With themes of sex, violence and child murder, it is easy to see why the play was originally censored. LUU Theatre Group’s daring adaptation of the play, directed by Marcus Marsh and Emma Tachard-Mackey, will take place 22nd-25th October 2014 in Stage@Leeds. ¬†We will use this blog to bring you updates from the cast and crew as rehearsals progress and showtime advances! We’ll be posting videos, pictures, interviews and teasers to give you an insight into exactly what goes into the production of such a challenging play.